MEFANET 2015 conference
ConferenceConference program

Conference program

Tuesday 29/11/2016
12:00 Registration
12:30–13:30 Lunch

13:30–15:30 Workshop: Test and item analysis and their applications to improve the quality of test

15:30–16:00 Coffee-break
16:00–17:45 Workshop: MEDCIN project - Medical curriculum structures construction
Partner: European Commission ERASMUS+ program
18:00–19:00 MEFANET Coordination Committee open meeting
19:30 Reception


Wednesday 30/11/2016
8:00 Registration

09:00–10:30 Symposium: The clinical learning environment in nursing education

Partner: Facta Medica
10:30–11:00 Poster session & coffee
11:00–11:30 Ceremony: 10th anniversary of MEFANET
Partner: spin-off IBA
11:30–12:50 Keynote lectures: Virtual Patients & MOOCs
Partner: Nadační fond Scientia
12:50–13:45 Poster session & lunch
13:45–15:45 Topical session: Technology-enhanced education in radiology
  • Mechl M - Technology-enhanced education in radiology (20')
  • Válek V - E-learning in radiology from the national as well as international viewpoint (20')
  • Zoubek D - Educational PACS systems: technical notes (20')
  • Pokorná A- Didactic principles of the use of imaging data in medical education (20')
  • Harazim H - Radiodiagnostic elements in virtual patients AKUTNE.CZ (20')
  • Brechlerová D - General data protection regulation (20')
Partner: Czech Radiological Society (Czech Medical Society JE Purkyně)

15:45–16:00 Coffee-break

16:00–18:00 Short communications: Data analytics & technology-enhanced learning
  • Martinková P - Validation of admission test and conceptual assessments for medical schools (30')
  • Štěpánek L - Web-based application providing guidance for the correct statistical test selecting (15')
  • Komenda M - Keyword similarity in rehabilitation: Case study (15')
  • Karolyi M - Educational data visualizations from the perspective of data-driven decision making (15')
  • Komarc M - Potentials of computerized adaptive testing in high school physics knowledge assessment of 1st year medical school students (15')
  • Měřička P - Experience with e-learning in the English version of the elective subject: Basis of harvest and preservation of tissues for transplantation (15')
  • Kordek D - Moodle Mobile is the official mobile app for Moodle (15')
Partner: Minutový řečník
18:00 Closing ceremony


  • Bolek L - Project “The concept of co-ordination and implementation of cross-border emergency medical services cooperation”
  • Brechlerová D - Results of bachelor theses from students of biomedical informatics
  • Kelčíková S - Examination methods in obstetrics and gynecology - E-learning education
  • Klempíř O - Simulation environment for healthcare message integration in the teaching of Hospital Information Systems at FBME CTU
  • Majerník J - Human anatomy in multimedia lectures
  • Maskálová E - Care of woman with postpartum haemorrhage as a virtual patient in midwifery
  • Mazúchová L - Taking care of a new-born baby - E-learning education
  • Pokorná A - The implementation process of the new online recording system for pressure ulcers monitoring
  • Tabagari N - MD education science component: Important issues in structure and design
  • Urbanová E - Perinatal loss as virtual patient in midwifery
  • Urzová J - Laser-tissue interaction and their simulation
Partner: ResearchJobs.cz